Let me begin by saying, Numbers are important because of what they represent.  Each number represents someone for whom Jesus died.  So, numbers are important for that reason but, there are other reasons.  Numbers are also important because they can be encouraging.  Though that may not always be the case it certainly is in the work we are involved in here in the CSC.

I mentioned on the Lord’s Day that we are completing a banner month at the CSC in the work we are doing together  as a congregation of God’s people in Granbury.  I missed part of the first week of this month.  That was because I headed west—partly for a break but more importantly to attempt to improve my abilities as a servant for the Lord in this place.

One reason we are having a banner month is because of the abundance of generosity of our membership.  Christian people want to serve and they want more specifically to meet needs in this community.  So, how do I say it?  Perhaps in this way:  There was lots of money came and went out (That’s what it’s given for isn’t it?)  But, there was more:  There was lots of furniture and clothes came in and went out.  But, more: Lot’s of groceries came in and went out.  Yes, and: lots and lots of people (Neighbors) came in and went out (with smiles on their faces).  Is that all?  By no means.  Let’s start a new paragraph.

Who makes this all work?  If you say THE LORD, you are absolutely correct.  But, remember how the Lord does his work?  Someone said on Sunday that Jesus does his work in the world through his glorious church.  We already knew that, didn’t we?  Nevertheless, the way we saw all that work out is that we had:  165 volunteers in the Center itself.  Of course, that number includes repetition because our volunteers just love to come back again and again.  Who did these 165 volunteers serve?

Pantry:  245 Households

 Share Your Love:  102 Households

Samaritan’s Purse:    47 Households or Individuals

Counseling by Appt.:    29 Individuals

 Counseling by Drop In:    20 Individuals

Present Program at Adult Probation (H&J)

Now, when you add parenting classes, Healthy Kids Lunches (at least 2 volunteers per day=40 volunteers), and 2 door knockers/inviters, that pushes the volunteer list over 200.  Wow!  The Granbury Church of Christ is alive! and, in the community. The Lord blesses us .             hdurham