We’ve got some but we just need more.  That’s my take on the CSC and the work we face on a day-to-day basis.  But, who are they?  Searching for definitions that would fit, I found the following:  A MOVER & SHAKER is one who wields power and influence in a sphere of activity.  That’s good, but I like Wiktionary which defines M&S’s as The people in an organization who are most responsible for getting things done. I know that without them we could not function as we do.

All I generally do on Facebook is read it, when I have time,  and click “Like” when appropriate.  (Confession:  My vast lack of computer skills leaves me with little more that I can do).  Recently I wrote a little thing on Facebook which was one from the heart.  I tried to make it private in nature at the time I wrote it as I responded to a tribute to Hoyt Moore made by his daughter-in-law Linda but now I share it with you because I think it is the appropriate thing to do.  Hoyt Moore was definitely what I am trying to describe for you and a better definition of it than I could heist off the internet. Here it is:   I don’t believe I ever saw Hoyt show up any time without something in his hand–A gift for one or many. It was usually a sack of money or something similar that could be used for the needs of others. Hoyt is one of those veterans in the background of the building of theChristianServiceCenter in Granbury. He supported the Pantry from the earliest time with his friend and brother Larry Parker. More recently he and June were two of the ones in a very special Bible Class that joined hands with others to make additional things happen at the CSC for the benefit of those in need in Hood County. Hoyt, the Great Giver, will be missed but never forgotten to those who loved him in Granbury Church of Christ.

There are those who want to come up with more ideas of how we can impact the community and that is probably a wonderful thing.  Currently, though, we really just need ones who will not only come up with more ideas than we already have, but those who will make the ideas we have work—or at least work better.  I am not speaking of anything we are currently doing, necessarily—these things are working well.

We need to deliver on the promises we made of opportunities the people of Hood County could expect from the CSC:  More Parenting Classes, Cooking Classes, Sewing Classes, Pregnancy and Baby Care, Tutoring, etc.  Can you take a lead in one of these? Here’s a challenge:  Do you have an idea—share it with us and we can work on it.  Together we can make it happen. Promise!!!

Hoyt, along with others in a Bible Class (Challengers) had an idea and moved on it.  That’s certainly not all that Bible Class is currently doing but that is the one I am telling you about.  Because that class collected gifts of money and set it aside we were able to buy air conditioners & fans for the elderly and needy of HoodCounty. What a marvelous thing!  Their gifts have already exceeded $1000.  That’s a lot of gift expressing a lot of love by one  group of MOVERS & SHAKERS.