It really seems strange to us who have multiple vehicles sitting around that there might be those who do not have the luxury of transportation. Let me give you a scenario:  Suppose you lived out on Hot Water Tr. in Stony Lake and you have an old Camry.  It’s broke down and you know nothing about mechanics.  A neighbor volunteers to work on it but you can’t afford the parts nor the labor.  This could go on forever, but think about living it as opposed to just writing about it.

We will try:  After weeks of bumming rides to town and asking for help, you are able to get the money together for parts.  It takes awhile to wait on the neighbor to fix the car.  Then it’s ready to go.  Where do you get the gas out in Stony Lake?  The same way you got the parts.  Over a period of time you are ready to roll—gas in your tank, all the tires aired up and you hit the road.  Somewhere between Stony Lake and town you get stopped and get a ticket for no current registration, no insurance, and probably because this isn’t the first experience, driving with a suspended license,  your car is impounded and you are incarcerated with no one to make bail.  They won’t keep you long, but they pile you up with a sheet of fines and deadlines to pay and all you can do is just return to Stony Lake.  In the meantime your kids (I forgot to mention them) had to move in with a neighbor who is really not much better off than you are.  You and the kids return to your home on Hot Water Tr. only to find a mailbox full of bills—Tri-State Area Electric Coop, etc.  Oh yeah!  There is a notice from Stony Lake POA, Inc. telling you your dues must be paid (this is a gated community) or you will have to get out by the end of the month.  And, they are going to seize your property and sell it at auction on the Court House Steps (Don’t think this isn’t happening).

This story could be multiplied many times.  Let’s look at one more scenario as long as we are talking about transportation.  You are living out in Cottonmouth Draw and your trailer caught fire.  So, after all had settled you just moved the wife and kids into the trailer next to you.  Well, there wasn’t anyone in it so what difference did it make?  You hooked up the utilities yourself by just moving them over from one trailer to the other.  The bills come rolling in.  The Tri-State Area Electric Coop. bill almost doubled because of the heat and the larger area needing to be cooled.

Now where this family really got in trouble was with the Sovereignarch Water Company.  Their bill was $430 instead of the $85 they were used to receiving.  It seems there we all sorts of leaks under the trailer, which of course the homeowner was responsible for.  What is this couple to do?  She has a little disability check coming in and they are on food stamps.  They also get food at the CSC and other sources.  So, it is not likely that this little family will starve but how are they going to bathe (They don’t drink the water because Sovereignarch sent out a statement that the water wasn’t fit to drink).  They can’t possibly bathe in the Lake since they live right by it but they don’t call that subdivision Cottonmouth Draw for nothing.  The water moccasins are thicker that  flies on goat meat out there.

             Eurika!!!   Dad just remembered that their old van was paid for and they had heard about Happy Hearts Title Loan Company.  They had heard the very encouraging commercial on the radio:  “Do you need cash?  Do you own your own car?  Just bring in your title and we will make your dreams come true!”  So they go and get nearly enough out of that to pay the Sovereignarch bill.  They’ll scrounge around and come up with enough to pay the Tri-State bill.  And, they do—by pawning all of grandma’s jewelry.

The next month they had to make a payment on the Happy Hearts Title Loan bill and the Sovereignarch bill was higher than before.  And then the next month and the next.  After about four (4) months of that they get the bill from Happy Hearts Title Loan and what began at $400 was now $1600 and if they don’t  pay the full amount by 12:01 A. M. two weeks from now the van will be seized and sold to pay the Happy Hearts bill.  Transportation?  They won’t even be able to go to the CSC or anywhere else.  What’s a family to do?

Yes!  We can make good use of automobiles of all kinds!  As long as it runs we can find a use for it.  Bring  your vehicle and the title.  It will be put to good use.                                                                                                                                      h