Did you know that most of life’s problems could be solved or even greatly relieved by an outward focus?  Our Christian Service Center is a marvelous example of outward focus.  After Bob and Larry approved and Merle and Jerry volunteered to head up the building, Ronnie said, “We need a video.”  So, he and Margo got busy and produced a video that demonstrated our need to focus outward to our community.  That’s part of the story leading up to the building of the CSC and all of it is a witness to how this church wanted to reach out and help others.  Ask me about it—I love to tell the story.  But even though I was involved I was just a tiny cog in the machinery—it took an entire church and a gracious Lord to pull it off.

Since we opened our doors, hundreds have been helped in one way or another due to that outward focus.  The Lord has blessed us, the people have worked, and people have given—food, clothing, furniture, money, and time.  It’s all the result of the heart of the Granbury Church of Christ and her outward focus.

Weldon, Betty, Billy, and Jonna joined a group of citizens who had a heart for those in need and in conjunction with the Tarrant County Food Bank the Mobile Pantry Ministry was born among community participants.  Jonna looked out and found out what could be done for hungry children on the weekends and Bags for Bacuus was born.  Rhonda and Debbie joined her in that effort.

Billy and John looked out and found some things that could be done at Granbury Middle School.  Jeff encouraged them along the way.  After a meeting John and Billy had with the school authorities a special relationship was born with GMS and this church will begin serving in the way of feeding kids on weekends, during tutoring, and no telling what else can be done because two brothers had a dream of outward focus for the needy kids of GMS.

John’s current sermons and the focus of the Lord’s Day AM worship have had largely an outward focus the past few weeks.  Especially was that true today (30 Sept.) when we had a video clip on mission and witness by numerous of our folks—young and a little older.  What a great job they did!  This has been a really good time for this church.  Things are happening and people are being added to our number.  We are heading in a new direction toward a much brighter future that is open to us because this is a church looking  beyond ourselves to a community in need—and, that is what focusing outward is all about.

God wants us to grow spiritually as individuals and lots of other things that cause us as individuals to focus more inwardly.  We must do that to be all God wants us to be—but, we can’t stay locked into the inward focus.  That can be deadly!  Watch for more opportunities to help others.  The CSC might be just about ready to put together a new program that will help move us along as we continue to reach out.

Focus outward, brothers & sisters. h