We all enjoyed the fine meal that was put together for us as we attempted to show appreciation to the many people who volunteer in CSC.  There were over 100 individuals present. We had a laid-back experience and enjoyed good food, good fellowship, and entertainment.


It really got down right cold for a few days there.  Immediately we had calls for heaters.  That always happens this time of the year.  There will be others who need propane.  Now, here’s the problem with propane.  Most folks have these gargantuan sized tanks and most of those companies will not roll a truck unless we buy a minimum amount.  This amount is really more than we have available to help very many. This is a problem during the winter months.


With winter coming on that reminds us that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.  What kind of special activities or events will we help with this year?  We generally have several families who get into the spirit of the occasion by adopting a family that might be less fortunate and bring a little cheer to the kiddos of that family.


People are still lost without the Gospel.  We can take care of all their physical needs but we must be available to help meet the need of every person outside Christ. Can you imagine what it means to be in the world without Jesus as your Lord and Savior?  I can’t and that makes us all here at the center want to be more assertive in helping people with their spiritual needs.     h