This last Lord’s Day we were challenged to loyalty.  John masterfully led us in some thoughts that we really need to hear as God’s people.  He sounded a little like Jeremiah at times.  Read Jeremiah’s second chapter.

John’s topic was, The Transforming Power of Gratitude: Looking Back on 2012.  His text was quite appropriate to his topic: I Thessalonians 5:16-18.  Let me ask you:  Do you think God’s will is working in your life in Christ Jesus?  That’s right out of verse 18.  If you really do believe that, are you joyful about it and what is happening to make you so joyful?  What does being joyful look like in your life?

Are you praying about those things?  Remember prayer?  That’s what we probably do too little of, but it is when we speak with God.  It’s an awesome experience!  It’s even better than texting.  I texted a grandson the other day and I felt compelled to tell him I love you at the end of my text. What I said was You know olive you!  GP.  His reply, I think it’s I love you. Well, it’s wonderful we have the Holy Spirit to help us with our prayers (Rom. 8).  I need help texting.

Knowing God loves us, we are part of His elect (I Pet. 1:1), having been chosen by God (I Pet. 1:2) because He purchased us with the precious blood of Christ (I Pet. 1:19).  Where else in the world can you find so much to live for and share a living hope with fellow believers at the same time (I Pet. 1:3)?  All that is so neat!

I have never figured out why we can look at everything we have in Christ and then just give up on the whole thing.  Some have even left the Church, gone on to bigger and better things (they think) and just leave behind those who loved them.  And, all too often, it just doesn’t take too much effort.

Jeremiah cut straight to the point:  They followed worthless idols and became worthless themselves (2:5).  My, that’s a sad thing to say. This morning, I was reading an assignment I have and the author said something about the children of Israel building the golden calf.  He went on to say that that amounted to declaring independence from the true God.

I have long been a proponent of being a problem solver.  I really believe we can all work together and trust the help of God, and there should not be a problem that cannot be overcome.  Let’s all be problem solvers and not part of the problem.  harold