This last Lord’s Day the theme of John’s sermon was Called to Disciple.  During his period of sharing with us he told about when he was going to school in Lubbock as a young Christian.  What seemed to be most memorable to him was the way certain brothers & sisters in Christ in the Sunset Church surrounded him with just what he needed.  Love, fellowship, and mentoring in the ways of Jesus are among those things absolutely essential in the life of a new Christian.


I wonder how many we have around here that could benefit from the same exposure to Christ.  I have observed through the years there are those who have been really blessed to be taught by Christians who would stay with them beyond baptism.   Not only would they stay with the new Christian, they would invite significant others to be part of the process.  This was not some canned program of follow-up, though one of those would not be too shabby.  I am telling you about more who joined the original little group and continued to provide what the new Christian needed.


Would you be willing to do the same for someone else?  Think of the joy that could come to both of you as you honor God by discipling another and  following the example of Jesus and the first Christians (Acts 2:42).  h




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October 26, 2012

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