That’s always fitting this time of the year. We had a nice time off. What made it so nice for me was the fact I got to finish something I have been trying to complete for such a long time. I won’t announce it yet because I don’t want anyone telling me “That won’t work here!” I’ve heard that once before, and to tell you the truth, I let it get to me. I really let quite a few things get to me in those days and it all resulted in Shingles. How would you interpret that? I think our Lord just said, “O ye of little faith.”
Since that time I have a script for the Shingles Shot. I haven’t used it yet. Now it’s a faith + works problem. It’s also a $ problem. Medicare doesn’t seem to be too high on Shingles Shots.  How did we ever get off on such a subject as Shingles? Perhaps I was trying to justify why I had Shingles in the first place. I can’t blame anyone or anything but me.  Does one really need a reason to justify Shingles?  Anyway, working on that project really excited me! I always get excited when I think of positive possibilities for our community. Since Jesus came  ”not . . . to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many”  (Matt. 20:28)—I think I can learn something here. I must be most excited about the opportunity to serve others to be following the example of Jesus. Doesn’t that make sense?

We just lost two who really believed in what we are doing at the CSC. Gloria Whitley faithfully worked in Granbury in so many ways. When she thought she couldn’t continue what she was doing she was ready to go on to better things. What she did so well, since I came to town, was to be involved in ministry to as many as possible in the Sr. Dept. Chris told of her many works at the Memorial Service for her. Since I arrived, she has called me for help nearly as often as I have called her. She did not call for herself but for those she worked with (serving in whatever capacity she could). . .Kenny Alloway was a frequent ambassador for the CSC. It didn’t matter where we/he went Kenny was putting in a good word about the great work that goes on at the CSC. He will best be remembered by the membership of the Granbury Church of Christ as a giver of whatever he had to give: flowers, Power for Today, Almanacs, Calendars, pencils, and whatever else he could find. He was a generous and loving guy.  Most of all, he brought a little cheer to all our lives. His step-mother Frances could tell you some really exciting things: their trips to the Duck Pond to eat fish at Irby’s, their long visits over the phone to discuss the political situation and other even more interesting subjects, stories about he and his dad Louis, etc.  She told me she was proud to be his step-mother.  He was never about money but always paid his share.  He never saw the bad in people or chose not to say anything about it.  Kenny was courteous and kind to Frances and she will enjoy her memories of him. . .so will I remember mine.  h