MIRACLES–and a Car Story!

Recently a lady called me and commenced to tell me all sorts of things I did not want to hear because I don’t particularly like bad news. I especially do not like to hear bad news about those I love. Well, she went on and on without giving me much of a break to say anything to cheer her up. Finally, she said, “Only a miracle would help me and you-all don’t believe in miracles.”
I believe in the resurrection. Jesus arose from the grave victoriously over death and opened up a new hope for each and every one of us. If I die today I will rise again just as surely as Jesus rose on the first day of the week, after a 3-day stay in a Jewish grave. Thomas had a serious problem in believing the others. Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it (Jno. 20:25). He must have gone around an entire week believing that because it wasn’t until a week later he was invited by Jesus to experience his resurrection. His reply, My Lord and My God!
I haven’t ever raised anyone from the grave, or as Jesus did, from the casket, the bed, or the tomb. I did ask Jonna to write an APB for folks to give us a car for a lady who is attempting to get everything together and get her two teenage daughters back. Eddie and Jonna already had a car staked out. A sister said, “We don’t have a car but we’ll get some folks together and see how much we can raise toward a car.” We all prayed. Her husband helped her, as usual, and her Bible class helped them; another Bible class jumped in and said “We want to help, too!” And, the Lord provided the generous hearts and the car was in the hands of the lady before Christmas, insured and ready to go. And, we all prayed: Thank you Lord!!!
That was not the greatest of miracles. Perhaps it wasn’t even a miracle by biblical standards. And, the car wasn’t a brand new Caddy, either. But, the whole story sounds a little like Acts 2 & 4. Wouldn’t you agree? Christians are a people full of hope and a spirit of love pervades every interaction we have with people. A good car story is just like everything else I hear about at the Christian Service Center. I am a very fortunate person who has been able since the very inception of the CSC to witness things like this on a continuous basis. We pray a lot!
Now when it comes to miracles I tend to believe the resurrection of Jesus is right up there at the top because of how dependent we are on it. Because He lives, we live. Because he lives, we share fellowship in his body. Because He lives, there is hope in the world. If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. . .If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men (I Cor. 15:17&19).
But, because Jesus does live there are just so many possibilities every day. We can see those possibilities because of the hope we live in and because of His love that infuses us. I did tell that lady she had not been around enough to know what is believed or not believed. After another rebuttal we settled down to some good conversation and a promise to pray for each other. We love you all, harold.