Kids. . .the older I get the more I love them.  I love our grandkids but there are kids that come into my office almost on a daily basis.  They are so neat.  Most of us look at our grandkids and all we can say is “Priceless!!!

In a world where there is a price tag on everything, I have some good news.  Love does not attach price tags and conditions.  The fact is: genuine love is always a free gift. It is a commitment to the growth, happiness and fulfillment of the one loved.  It could be one’s husband, one’s wife, a child, a friend, etc.  Love is a gift that gives itself to the growth, happiness and fulfillment of the one loved.

It is so sad we must live in such a price tag world.  You can have my love but there is a price.  You must achieve!  You must excel!  You must perform! You must be perfect!  You must be what I want or what I expect.  All these appear as signs around the neck of the one demanding impossibilities from those who just need to be loved.  That’s really sad.  Yes what a sad world for so many people, especially children.  Perhaps one day a simpler time will return.

Please don’t make those you purport to love suffer from price tag love.  Aren’t you glad God so freely loved he gave his Son.  That’s how much he loves you. Who do you freely love?   h



How can we tell you how much you are appreciated?

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October 26, 2012

12:00 noon

In the Church Dining Hall

If you have volunteered in any way at theChristianServiceCenteryou won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Good Food (Provided)!  Great Fellowship (Encouraged)!

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